October 29th, 2008 by mike

Almost A Movie: Scripts that never quite made it

Here’s a website that examines the unmade movies: written words that either never made it to the screen, or whose time has not yet come.

I started the site in order to share my collection of screenplays — you can find them by looking for the “download” links — but I’m also keeping track of projects that never came to fruition or are currently in development. That’s why some posts may have information or links, but no actual download is available.

If you have suggestions or info for the site, be sure to let me know. I’d like “Almost a Movie” to offer useful information on the great unmade scripts. The more help from you, the better.

Remember, the contents of this site are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please respect the copyrights on the respective works.

Mike Boas

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  • Tris writes:
    April 4th, 201311:26 pmat

    Has no one come across Philip Dick’s script for UBIK?

  • mike writes:
    April 5th, 20133:11 pmat

    I haven’t seen that one yet. Is it online elsewhere?

  • niklander writes:
    October 19th, 201312:56 amat

    Hi I am looking for this unproduced screenplay the screenplay is called Gemini Man by Darren Lemke and there is an another draft written by David Benioff.It was this close to be made into a movie from director Joe Carnahan(THE GREY,THE A-TEAM,NARC).If you can find both or one of those two version send them to niklander@hotmailgr.Thank you in advacne.

  • jhon devera writes:
    January 20th, 20143:29 pmat

    So Fantastic 4 of 2005 should have been a remake. Intriguing if that was the case.

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