H.P. Lovecraft's The Other Gods
A prophet who longed to look upon his deities. A daunting journey to a mountain peak. A confrontation with gods too powerful to name.

This is the story that inspired Peter Rhodes, who worked as a filmmaker and artist during the 1920s. Few people know of his work, and it's only through luck and perseverance that we have been able to track down the elements for this "lost" film. "The Other Gods" has undergone an extensive restoration and is currently being screened at select film festivals throughout the world.

Rhodes' films were created using silhouette animation, a technique perfectly suited to depict Lovecraft's mythic Dreamland stories. The filmmaker's involvement in New York City's occult and literary scenes provided him with a select audience for his work. Rhodes was especially influenced through his relationships with occultist Aleister Crowley and writer H.P. Lovecraft, but it was personal tragedy that moved him to produce "The Other Gods," his most powerful film.

The restoration of "The Other Gods" features an all new soundtrack by Keith Handy. For more about his music, visit www.keithhandy.com

"A breathtaking animated vision of another world in another time. This is truly a classic of the silent age."
-David Manning, The Ridgefield Press


"The Other Gods" has screened at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, Something Wicked This Way Con, Horror Dance, Tromadance, A Night of Horror (Australia), Pulp Uncovered (Providence), The Eerie Horror Film Festival, and the Emerging Filmmakers Series at Rochester's Little Theatre. For more information, visit the news section

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