Movie Swiss Cheese

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit there are holes in my movie knowledge. For some of my favorite directors (like Peter Jackson, Robert Rodriguez, or Tim Burton), I’ve seen their entire filmographies. For others, there are gaps.

So here’s a list of movies-to-see-so-I-can-call-myself-a-true-fan.

Uneven, but always stylish. Some of his early films are hard to track down. Redacted, from last year, didn’t even come to my town.

# Redacted (2007)
# The Black Dahlia (2006)
# Wise Guys (1986)
# Home Movies (1980)
# Sisters (1973)
# Get to Know Your Rabbit (1972)
# Hi, Mom! (1970)
# Dionysus (1970)
# The Wedding Party (1969)
# Greetings (1968)
# Murder à la Mod (1968)

Gordon is interested in pushing buttons. There’s always something too disturbing about his work to be appealing to mainstream audiences, but that’s part of why I like it.

# Stuck (2007)
# Edmond (2005)
# Daughter of Darkness (1990) (TV)
# Dolls (1987)

Ridley Scott
I’m currently halfway through the director’s cut of Legend, so I’ll put that in the “watched” column.

# Body of Lies (2008) (hopefully to be remedied soon)
# American Gangster (2007)
# A Good Year (2006)
# All the Invisible Children (2005) (segment “Jonathan”)
# Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
# White Squall (1996)
# 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) (tried to watch it once, fell asleep)
# Someone to Watch Over Me (1987)
# Alien: The Director’s Cut (1979/2003) (the original cut is one of my favorites, I’m almost afraid to watch the director’s cut)
# The Duellists (1977)

Has been at the top of my list since seeing Close Encounters as a kid (darn, I just remembered I haven’t seen the latest version that’s out on DVD). As for the others, in my defense, Always is overlooked by many and reportedly so-so. The bad press and lawsuits with Amistad turned me off from seeing it.

# Amistad (1997)
# Always (1989)

I first realized how good Soderbergh when I saw the one-two punch of Out of Sight and The Limey. I love his daring editing techniques.

# Bubble (2005)
# Full Frontal (2002)
# Schizopolis (1996)
# Gray’s Anatomy (1996)
# Kafka (1991)

Always pushes the edge of good taste and somehow makes it work. Basically, I’ve seen none of his Dutch work, but I should be able to catch up on video.

# Black Book (2006)
# … and all his early Dutch films

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  1. I have The Black Dahlia, Edmond, American Gangster, Kingdom of Heaven, and Black Book. I’ll let you borrow them in Dec.

    As for Always, the videotape is there with you.

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