With the new feature Red State, filmmaker Kevin Smith is bypassing the studios, instead roadshowing the picture himself. Over at Script Shadow, Carson Reeves predicts a time when the entire filmmaking process will be transparent.

“At some point I expect this to trickle down to the development stage. If you developed your script openly, providing numerous drafts on the internet and encouraged feedback from fans, it’s an easy way to build awareness for your film (not to mention improve your script) and thus create anticipation throughout the development process. A case can be made that the leaked scripts for Inglorious Basterds and Avatar helped make those films what they were…”

That sounded familiar — it’s what I’m doing here. Of course, the difference is I don’t have a throng of followers giving me feedback. Yet.

This experiment is also a way to encourage accountability, like those on diets who Tweet their daily weight. If I write in public, then there’s nowhere to hide if I don’t follow through.

And lately, there’s been a lot of not following through.  Now that Script Frenzy has come and gone a couple times without my participation, I have a new goal in mind.  I’ll be entering the script in this fall’s BlueCat Screenwriting Competition.

Now back to the writing.

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