How do I start this blog up again? Obviously, my original plan to write Gamers in a month was derailed. I got involved in other projects and Gamers went on the shelf.

Last summer, I shared what I had written with the Rochester Movie Makers Writers Workshop. It got my juices going again, showed me what was working, and also what WASN’T working.

In the interest of honesty, I’m posting those 14 pages now, before I hack it up. Essentially, I’ll be dropping most of the first scene.


I followed up with a few more pages, a description of “hyperspace” travel, followed by an exposition scene which felt wrong as soon as I read it out loud. I’m thinking of a smoother way to introduce Jess to the idea of universe-hopping. In this version, she and Trevor discuss how dimensional travel works in a convenience store, and I’m not buying it. She’s way too calm, he’s too nonchalant. You can see that in pages 15-17 here:


So that last scene will inevitably have to go.

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