Today’s scene? Pillow talk and an abrupt exit. For those keeping score, I’m way behind on pages. I’m pushing ahead anyway. Maybe I’ll catch up by the end of the month, maybe not, but at least I wrote 3 pages tonight!

It’s interesting. I have an outline, but I got to a fork in the road. Should I have the characters stay together, or split up and postpone their adventure another 10 pages? To figure it out, I outlined different versions of the next few scenes until I knew how the story wanted to be told.

For me, it’s more like research than invention. I’m discovering the story, but I can only do it by typing the wrong words sometimes. When I find out WHY they’re wrong, I can take the other path, go the correct route.

Wow, I’m starting to spout about the creative process. That either comes off as profound or incredibly self-centered. I’d better go to bed.


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