I’m learning to ignore the fear and just do it. So far I’ve failed at waking up and writing before work, but at least I forced myself to sit down tonight.

What makes it easier is the outline. I know what has to happen in each scene. I just have to invent characters and words that come out of their mouths.

Some story secrets…

The duck story
Is based on an actual incident. A relative of mine once stopped traffic to help a baby duck who had fallen through a sewer grate.

Getting fired from a TV job
Is obviously inspired by my own experience in radio. Yes, I was fired. No, I try not to hold a grudge. I changed it to TV so it would be more visual. I’m pretty sure I could improve this section with the proper research, so I should talk to some TV behind-the-scenes people before writing the second draft. Still, I’m trying to move forward — keep writing, no matter the errors, and fix it later.

Is what I did the day I was fired. That day was St. Patrick’s Day, by the way. It was a surreal experience to be in a bar that night, let me tell you.

Here’s the latest pages:

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