So what is Gamers, anyway?

It’s a cross-dimensional action adventure about two people who fall in love while saving multiple universes from destruction. Really, it’s gonna be great.

The Script in Progress

Usually when I write, it’s a solitary effort. With Gamers, I’m going to post my pages each day for the world to read. Feel free to comment and send words of encouragement! This could be a fun way to interact with other writers.

I’m also using new tech for the project, writing “in the cloud.” This means using Google Docs to take notes and Scripped (formerly Zhura) for the screenplay itself. I could keep these pages private, I’m hoping that posting publicly will give me the incentive to keep writing on a regular basis. (Just so you know, I retain the copyright to all versions of the Gamers screenplay.)

Watch for updates on this blog. Want to read along at home? Check the script in progress link to see how I’m doing. Read my notes here.

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