Alien 3
Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

From monks to prisoners, this sequel had a strange up and down journey. (Personally, I never forgave them for killing off Hicks and Newt before the plot even kicked in.) It’s unclear to me who wrote the first draft, seeing how there’s one credited to Twohy and one to Ward and Fasano. Perhaps multiple writers were commissioned at the same time?

Alien III (revised first draft) by William Gibson
Alien 3 (unspecified draft) by Eric Red
Alien III (first draft) by David Twohy
Alien III (first draft) by John Fasano and Vincent Ward
Alien III (revision of Hill/Giler 12/90 draft) by Rex Pickett
Alien III (final draft) by Walter Hill and David Giler

Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

by William Gibson
Did you ever see Johnny Mnemonic? Ignore the overall quality of the movie for a moment… Did you at least like the idea of jacking your brain into the internet? Gibson’s novel Neuromancer conveyed that in a fun and exciting way. The book was optioned, and Chuck Russell turned in a draft. Read a review of the Russell draft at UGO Screenwriter’s Voice.That didn’t get made, so Gibson took a crack at it himself.

Download screenplay

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