Pandemonium Reigns/Pulp Fiction
Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

by Roger Avary
When Quentin Tarantino needed a middle section for Pulp Fiction, he asked friend Roger Avary if he could adapt a portion of the Pandemonium Reigns script. This became the Gold Watch segment in the final film. used to have the script and an essay on how it evolved, but it appears to have been taken down.

Natural Born Killers
Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

by Quentin Tarantino
Oliver Stone turned this one inside out. To this day, Tarantino hasn’t been able to watch the movie all the way through. Me, I like the final product, but I can see how heart-wrenching it could be for the writer.

Download screenplay

Kill Bill
Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

by Quentin Tarantino
Here’s an early draft, presumably the one that Harry Knowles loved so much.It contains scenes and characters that were dropped in the final version, and thus several chapter names are different. Note that it contains all ten chapters, as the movie wasn’t broken into two volumes until the post-production phase. Read comparisons of the script to the movies Kill Bill Vol. 1and Kill Bill Vol. 2 at UGO Screenwriter’s Voice.

Download Screenplay

My Best Friend’s Birthday (1987)
Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

Written by Craig Hamann and Quentin Tarantino
Directed by Craig Hamann and Quentin Tarantino

Before Tarantino directed his first movie (Reservoir Dogs), he co-directed ANOTHER first movie, My Best Friend’s Birthday.

Tarantino later considered it amateurish, so he claimed to be a first time director when putting together the production for “Reservoir Dogs.” Although “Birthday” is really no more embarrassing than most student films, QT thought if investors saw it, they’d hire someone else to direct.

About half the film was lost in a lab mishap, but 36 minutes of it survive on the internet today.

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