Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

Based on the mystical, mythical comic series by Neil Gaiman. Ted Elliot has an in depth introduction to his draft over at Avary had a good history of his involvement in the project (working from the Elliot and Rossio script) at, but it appears to have been taken down.

Read about this project’s history at

  • Sandman by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio
  • Sandman by Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, and Roger Avary (no longer online)
Star Wars
Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

Scripts by George Lucas
George wanted to do Flash Gordon. He couldn’t get the rights, so he created his own space mythology. These drafts fascinate me. In some ways, they’re very amateurish. But it amazes me to see how he formed the Star Wars galaxy through the course of rewriting.

The first three scripts are drastically different from one another, but there are certain elements that survived to appear in the movies. Some plot points and names were never used until The Phantom Menace. Unfortunately, some parts seem to have been discarded for good. I’d love to see the opening scenes from the rough draft on the big screen.

For more about these scripts, read John Flynn’s article, The Origins of Star Wars.  I’d also recommend the well-researched Secret History of Star Wars website and book.




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King Kong
Oct 30th, 2008 by mike

by Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson
Jackson first developed this project back before doing The Lord of the Rings. This 1996 draft has a much different tone than the final 2005 film.

Download screenplay

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