Project Board


Some scripts I’ve written for fun and projects I’ve got on the back burner.

In Deep
A relationship story, with a dose of Godzilla action.

A blind date gone sideways.

The Interrogation
A cop, a suspect, and a Mad Monster lunchbox.

The King of Cups
Making one’s way through New Orleans during a hurricane becomes an existential journey.

A Matter of Twain
A historic monument has been defaced, and one friend must betray another to keep his record clean.

Mystery Cupcake
Mike found a cupcake on the street. What secrets does the mystery cupcake keep?

The Old Fish and the Sea
Ray tries to figure out his life… with a little help from a talking fish in a bucket.

Screwing Up A Sure Thing / The Telltale Wife
Frank has killed his wife, but why won’t she stay away?

A Lovecraft-inspired animated prequel to Lake Midnight

The Spark Plug
Two neighbors with very different ideas on how to spend a hot summer day.

Untitled Astronaut and Robot Movie
An astronaut must battle a robot on a desolate planet. It involves dancing.

Exploring dreams through experimental film.


Screenplays available upon request.

Lake Midnight
Written by John Vincent and Mike Boas.
A weekend in the mountains becomes a living nightmare for Wade Howard when a force from another dimension takes control of his life and reality. Wade must resist the evil and try desperately to protect the woman he loves and his own soul.

The Haunting of Joshua
Written by John Vincent.
I was on board as assistant director, but the money fell through. It might come off the shelf someday.

Wolf Out
Written by Mike Boas.
A werewolf script I wrote just out of college. Needs another draft to plug some logic holes.

Strange Seed
Adaptation of the novel by T.M. Wright.
I helped to assemble Wright’s screenplay for producer Fredrick Armstrong. Other writers have taken passes at the story, too, but development is currently on hold.


Screenplays I’ve started and are currently in progress.

Written by Mike Boas.
An interdimensional apocalyptic romance adventure.

Force of Evil
Written by Wayne Coughlin and Mike Boas.
A radio broadcast from an abandoned asylum goes wrong when an ancient evil is released.

Slaughterbot 5
Written by Mike Boas, from an idea by John Vincent.
A malfunctioning slaughterhouse robot mistakes men for meat, making things difficult for the people trapped in the factory with it.

Voices of R’lyeh
Written by Mike Boas.
In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming… and a group of deep sea explorers might just change that.


Dead Weight
Animatic by John Vincent and Mike Boas.
A woman with a samurai sword meets a drive-in full of zombies. Video pitch available upon request.

Creature Feature Pitches
Low budget sci-fi and horror pitches by Mike Boas and John Vincent available upon request. Titles include:

  • Croctapus Now!
  • Dust Devils
  • Flight Of The Griffin
  • Jersey Devil Vs. Chupacabra
  • Jersey Devil Vs The Golem
  • Spawn Of The Jersey Devils
  • Killer Oil Slick
  • Lepretron
  • Snailisaur
  • The Satan Dimension
  • Totem
  • Urban Bigfoot