Mike Boas Biography

The summer I turned eleven I decided I wanted to draw for a living. I spent the next several months drawing cartoons and dragons. Sometimes even cartoons ABOUT dragons. This snowballed into years of art classes.

Throughout high school, I thought I’d be in advertising, designing magazine ads or maybe packaging. I went on to study art (among other things) at SUNY Geneseo.  I also got involved at the campus radio station, taking graveyard shifts and spinning actual records.

After leaving school with a B.A. in Art Studio, I interned at WCMF radio in Rochester. Three years later, I was producing the Radio Free Wease morning show. Along the way, I learned to edit digitally with programs like Pro-Tools and Micro-Editor.

Meanwhile, I joined up with Animatus Studio, animating Derf The Viking and other assorted characters. When I first met Animatus head honcho Fred Armstrong, he was producing the Derf cartoon, “The Scent of Valhalla.” I had done little in the way of animation before, but subconsciously I had been preparing for filmmaking my whole life.

That’s what animation is — filmmaking. You control the story, characters, scenery, framing, pacing, and sound. More recently, I’ve been working on live action productions, but my acquired animation skills come in handy.

On this site you’ll find references to dozens of projects I’ve had a hand in. Some are horror related, produced through my Subterranea Entertainment label. I’m currently developing feature projects with writer/director/fx guy John Vincent of Philrose Productions. John and I occasionally banter about the craft of filmmaking on The MAD DOG MOVIES Podcast. You can find Animatus shorts and commercial work on AnimatusStudio.com and on the DVD compilation, It Came From Animatus. Finally, I’m also on the executive board of Rochester Movie Makers, a group dedicated to helping local filmmakers find cast and crew for their productions.

Whew! Did I miss anything? Watch some samples of my work here.

See a portfolio of my graphic work here.

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