Rubber Onion Battle: Handshake Fail

The Rubber Onion Podcast is a weekly show hosted by animators Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo. I happened upon the show early this year when they did a crossover with another favorite show of mine, Animation Ninja.

Each month, Brooks puts a call out for 15 second short entries in the “Rubber Onion Battle” on Instagram. They get compiled and discussed on the show. It’s a lot of fun to see what listeners come up with.

This month’s topic was “Handshake Fail” and it was the first time I found a couple of hours to devote to the contest. The hardest decision for me was… what music should I go with? Jolly or dramatic?

Jolly Handshake

Dramatic Handshake

I thought dramatic had more comedic punch, so that’s the one I went with. Here’s the compilation of all this month’s entries:

Rubber Onion Battle | June 2016 | Handshake Fail

Looking forward to the next challenge, “Mustache Problems.”