Rise of the Robots

Perhaps you’ve noticed it — robots are everywhere. I love a good robot movie, and there’s quite a few on the horizon.

The Prototype

Almost two years ago now, I saw the trailer for The Prototype online. It seemed like a sharp story about the singularity, told as a chase thriller. Where’s the release? Upon further investigation, it turns out that trailer was a promotional tool to raise money. Wow, I hope they get it together!

Ex Machina

Can a robot love? It’s easier to believe when it looks like a beautiful woman, that’s for sure.


Automata seems to be more Asimov than the disappointing I, Robot was. The idea of an underclass of robots is intriguing, reminding me of District 9.


Speaking of District 9, here’s Neill Blomkamp’s latest. It seems somewhat lightweight, however. More E.T. than District 9. Curiously, the bunny ear antennae are reminiscent of Appleseed‘s robot design. ¬†Seeing this made me want to go back and look at one of¬†Blomkamp’s early shorts, Yellow, still hanging out on Youtube.


Aside from these films, there’s also the more threatening return of the Terminator franchise, which I’m cautiously optimistic about. Any other robot films to watch out for? Let me know.