Hero of the Underworld – Official Trailer

Earlier this year, we released a rough trailer for Hero of the Underworld. Since then, I polished it up a bit — give it a click!

We still have some post production work to do, but the film really came together well. Still too early to do any screenings, but I’ll post here when I have more news.

Hero of the Underworld Synopsis

Dylan Berrick is the overnight manager of the Century Grand, one of the most chic and upscale hotels in the city. His business demeanor is flawless, but underneath his professionalism is the dark side of heroin addiction.

It all comes to the surface in one shocking night, when a woman is nearly beaten to death in his hotel.

Dylan takes it upon himself to seek this girl out and become her savior, rescuing her from the drug underworld that he is so familiar with.

As their relationship grows, we learn that Dylan is battling his own personal demons and saving this woman may be the only key to saving his job, his sanity, and his life.