The King of Cups wins RMM Script-A-Palooza

RMM Script-A-Palooza
2012 Winner: The King of Cups

For the third consecutive year, a short script by yours truly has won at Rochester Movie Makers Script-A-Palooza. There were 9 screenplays read (performed!) that night by our troupe of talented actors. I was impressed with the continuing quality from our small community. The dramatic pieces were really strong, too, which doesn’t always come across since script readings generally favors comedy.

My piece, THE KING OF CUPS, is something I wrote in response to one of our RMM Writers Workshop challenges. I ignored my usual sense of practicality for this one and set it in New Orleans during a hurricane. Would I ever change it to, say, Rochester during a light drizzle? Eh, I don’t know. Without giving anything away, there are some plot elements that seem to fit New Orleans… After the reading, someone described it to me as being like a Twilight Zone episode, and I suppose he’s right.

For anyone who’d like to read it, I’ll share it online here. (Copyright 2012 Mike Boas.)

Read The King of Cups.