I’m a pepper

I’m a pepper… but not for long. The Dr. Pepper lunchboxes I bought in bulk are metamorphosing into something much more sinister.  (These boxes are being used as props in many of Rochester Movie Makers’ short films this summer.)

First, all the shiny metal parts are masked off with blue tape.


Then I break out the primer.


It takes a few days to apply coats of primer and spraypaint.  I often get bubbles and drips of paint.  If they’re really bad, I sand them down, but since these lunchboxes are meant to look old, I’m not troubled too much by a rough surface.

Next, my friend Frank prints my artwork on sticky vinyl and I apply it to the boxes.


A little acrylic paint is dry-brushed on for an antique effect, especially on the metal to make it look rusty.


Mad Monster is not the only design.  Here’s a look at some artwork I did for the short “Boxed In,” which has a sci-fi/magical plot. The first piece is a space image crossed with some atomic imagery, combining the macro and micro worlds.

The next two are Nalli and Hitchcock, two “Boxed In” characters in cartoon form.

The film “Lunchbreak” requires a Bride of Mad Monster box. After sketching a feminine version of the loveable green guy, I inked and scanned her to Photoshop. I’m now halfway through coloring — no texture or shading yet.