The Other Gods in Oklahoma

This Saturday, July 10, Tulsa will be home to Oklahoma’s Underground Horror Filmfest. The event will feature music, horror hosts, vendors, and movies movies movies.

One block of films is being programmed by my internet friend, Craig Mullins of The theme? H.P. Lovecraft Cinema, of course.

This means I’m happy to announce another public screening of Subterranea’s The Other Gods. In addition, here’s what else will be playing:

– The Silver Key a film by Gary Fierro and Conor Timmis (CT)
H.P. Lovecraft’s The Book a film by James Raynor (United Kingdom)
– At the Reefers of Madness a film by Brian Clement (Toronto, ON)
– From Beyond a film by Michael Granberry (CA)
– Frank DanCooloParanormal Drug Dealer a film by Andrew Jones
– The Crimson Robe a by Russell Welch
– Elder Sign a film by Joseph Nanni
– plus clips (House of Black WingsPickmans Muse), trailers (Lovecraft ParagraphsColour from the DarkDirt DauberThe Terrible Old Tran) and teasers (The Seventh Shadow)…

For more information, visit the Underground Horror Filmfest on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter