Rochester Animator Grins Like a Maniac

Look, I’m famous!

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Susie Hume of the Rochester Insider. She had run across the Mad Dog Movies MySpace page and wanted to do a profile of me in the August 31 issue.

So I invited Susie to come by Animatus and ask me 20 questions, give or take. Actually, I tend to ramble, especially when talking about my various projects. She probably had enough material for an unauthorized biography by the time she left.

As a follow-up, photographer Matt Wittmeyer carted in all his various lights and tripods to get a picture. Something about my face suggested “fisheye lens,” so there you go. It’s funny, my brother keeps bugging me for a serious photo for his family tree project. Oh well — this ain’t it.

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Animator Mike Boas

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