Rise of the Robots

Perhaps you’ve noticed it — robots are everywhere. I love a good robot movie, and there’s quite a few on the horizon.

The Prototype

Almost two years ago now, I saw the trailer for The Prototype online. It seemed like a sharp story about the singularity, told as a chase thriller. Where’s the release? Upon further investigation, it turns out that trailer was a promotional tool to raise money. Wow, I hope they get it together!

Ex Machina

Can a robot love? It’s easier to believe when it looks like a beautiful woman, that’s for sure.


Automata seems to be more Asimov than the disappointing I, Robot was. The idea of an underclass of robots is intriguing, reminding me of District 9.


Speaking of District 9, here’s Neill Blomkamp’s latest. It seems somewhat lightweight, however. More E.T. than District 9. Curiously, the bunny ear antennae are reminiscent of Appleseed‘s robot design.  Seeing this made me want to go back and look at one of Blomkamp’s early shorts, Yellow, still hanging out on Youtube.


Aside from these films, there’s also the more threatening return of the Terminator franchise, which I’m cautiously optimistic about. Any other robot films to watch out for? Let me know.

A Guide to Animation Styles by Animatus Studio

One of the challenges in our field is discussing the different styles of animation with prospective clients. When someone asks “how much does animation cost” it can depend on the type of animation. Hand-drawn, realistic, limited, even CG or clay all have different considerations.

What better way to explain it than in animation? We at Animatus Studio put together this video as an introduction and explanation.

The animation in this piece was not mine, rather my role was as the final checker and editor. I made sure the elements matched in size and resolution, did the color correction, some transitions, and audio mixing.

Hero of the Underworld - Official Trailer

Earlier this year, we released a rough trailer for Hero of the Underworld. Since then, I polished it up a bit — give it a click!

We still have some post production work to do, but the film really came together well. Still too early to do any screenings, but I’ll post here when I have more news.

Hero of the Underworld Synopsis

Dylan Berrick is the overnight manager of the Century Grand, one of the most chic and upscale hotels in the city. His business demeanor is flawless, but underneath his professionalism is the dark side of heroin addiction.

It all comes to the surface in one shocking night, when a woman is nearly beaten to death in his hotel.

Dylan takes it upon himself to seek this girl out and become her savior, rescuing her from the drug underworld that he is so familiar with.

As their relationship grows, we learn that Dylan is battling his own personal demons and saving this woman may be the only key to saving his job, his sanity, and his life.

Out this week: Scanners Criterion and Humble Bundle with Darkness II

A big week for my stuff!  In addition to my feature film projects, I have some animation releases to talk about.

The Scanners Criterion Blu-ray came out yesterday, with animation I did for the bonus feature “The Ephemerol Diaries.”


Visit Criterion.com

Also, there’s a sale over at Humble Bundle this week. You can get a bundle of 2K video games, including The Darkness II. Attentive players may find my production of “H.P. Lovecraft’s The Other Gods” playing on a television screen inside the game.

The Darkness II game trailer:

Humble Bundle has weekly deals on video games, ebooks, and comics. This week’s bundle also includes the Bioshock games and others from 2K Games.

Visit humblebundle.com




VHS Flashback! The Mike Boas Animation Reel for 2014

Here’s my latest reel of animation work, including clips from the documentary That Guy Dick Miller and the opening titles from TV show The Right Stuff.  Also some character designs and magic burros from the feature 3.14… and much much more!